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Are you looking for a new granite countertop for your home kitchen or guest bathroom? Here is a cool fact about granite; your new counter tops will be composed from a material that has been many years in the production. Actually, some researchers actually conclude that the freshest article of granite on the planet is 750 million years old! Granite is an organic stone product that can not be reproduced by man.

Granite is an eye-catching natural stone material most favored for use in new countertops and floor coverings in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite has outshined marble in worldwide popularity because is it even more long-lasting and much easier to maintain. Granite is unparalleled by synthetic products for its hardiness and longevity, resilience to temperature variations and resistance to discolorations and scrapes.

Granite is a naturally developed stone that is dug from deep in the ground, acquired, trimmed, smoothed, sealed and mounted in the kitchen or bath to add aesthetic appeal, elegance and distinction. Due to the fact that it is a 100% natural product, no two slabs are precisely identical. Granite is accessible in many colors from an assortment of minerals that are found in the stone. Since it originates from all over the world, different locations and ecological aspects make it one-of-a-kind.

Granite is mainly comprised of quartz crystal, however, it also contains certain levels of additional metals including feldspar, mica, copper and iron. Some granite may have specks of gold or silver. The measure of each metal depends upon the region it is from. All granite is molded into a solid stone by heat and compression. Rain provides additional minerals while it is developing. Granite is available around the world, in just about every country, and each location will turn out a distinct variety.

Granite is a truly natural product that cannot be synthetically copied. It is very durable and when it comes to be a part of your house, you will discover that it does not need to be renovated every few years like some artificial products. It does require some care if it is to last a lifetime.

Granite is stain resistant, but not stain-proof. For effective resistance, a particularly durable sealer is put on right before it is put in your home. Granite could be porous, so it really should be sealed annually. It is also a smart idea to wipe all spills promptly so that strong chemicals and abrasives are not required to clean up messes, as they will ruin the sealed surface. Completely dry the counter with a lint free towel to diminish water spotting.

Granite is scratch resistant, so it will not show deterioration like other man-made products. This doesn’t mean your cutting board is out-of-date. There is a sealer on the granite that can be scratched or damaged and allow chemicals to soak in and stain the product.

Granite is heat resistant, but again, the sealer could be damaged by a hot pan, so be careful. The stress caused by hot objects can bring about staining with time.

A granite countertop is highly durable, but it is also beautiful and elegant, so handle it like you would anything of outstanding aesthetics. With a vast array of colors and textures, you can be certain your countertop is unique and nobody else has one exactly like it. Granite is the most dependable, heat, scratch and stain resistant surface you can get, so go ahead and use it for its intended application but care for it properly to keep its original, natural beauty for a lifetime.